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I'm an Event and Portrait Photographer with a sick obsession for quality


I love Weddings!!! If I won the lottery tomorrow I wouldn't stop.

For me, weddings are a collection of all things beautiful; Beautiful People, Emotional People, Passionionate People, Candid Moments, Beautiful Clothing, Excuisite Detail, Family, Flowers, Architecture, Sexuality, Music, Culture, etc. From beginning to end, there is always a photograph to be taken.

Don't get me wrong...Weddings aren't the only subject that I photograph. Professionally, I am hired to photograph everything under the sun, from Family & Individual Portraits to Commercial, Corporate, Architecture, Live Music, Etc. Its weddings that keep my passion for photography burning strong.


If you've made it this far, you've probably already seen my website (, which showcases my main portfolio. I created it to be simple and clean; I strongly believe that good photography should speak for itself and not hide behind too much text and distracting web-design. This Blog, while still simple and clean, is more personal and should give you a good idea of who I am as well as what to expect when you hire me to photograph your Special Event or Portrait.

90% of my work is in Southern California - from South Orange County to the Mexican Border. I also enjoy photographing events outside of California.

When I am not behind the camera you will probably find me at my home-studio in Temecula, where I do most of my editing and conduct business. I also have satellite offices in Mission Viejo and San Diego that I use to meet with clients.

While I am HP's main photographer, I also work with my wife (who is a very talented photographer and Photoshop Guru) and Office Manager Joan.

Julie and I have two children, Summer (6 years old) and Jared (3 years old) - you'll see photos of them in here from time to time.

Enjoy Life! We look forward to hearing from you soon!


photography, playing the guitar, cooking, the beach, mountain biking, live music, gardening, playing with my two children & spending time with friends & family.